Locksmith vs Towing

So you had a little more fun at that party then you expected and you’ve now found yourself with the common dilemma of locking your keys in your vehicle or losing them all together! That’s a bummer and no one wants to be stuck in that pickle late at night or at all. That is where towing and roadside assistance comes in handy.

Can you tow a vehicle without the keys?

Many people are under the misconception that vehicles cannot be towed unless they have the key and can go into neutral.  However, that is not true. Any job is possible as long as you have the proper equipment and the most skilled technician to handle it. When a vehicle does not go into neutral, special equipment needs to be used to load the vehicle correctly. Technicians are equipped with skates, dollies, and other tools that are used to load vehicles without functioning neutral gears or with broken axles, more than two flat tires, and no keys.

Towing is often a preferred method when there are no keys available to start the car. Usually, the tech will put mechanical skates on each of the tires to roll the vehicle onto his flatbed. He may use dollies if two of the wheels are able to roll freely. Be sure that you exhaust all options before calling towing as it is a little more expensive than a typical roadside job.


Keys that are locked inside the vehicle or lost is another story. Before you make the decision to order a tow truck, you may want to check if the keys are simply locked inside or somewhere that you misplaced them. Either way, there are plenty of locksmiths around LA and surrounding areas that would be available to help. Locksmiths are technicians skilled in the field of making and or repairing locks. The process starts with a driver taking a look at the door panel locking mechanism or trunk locking mechanism to thoroughly assess the situation and decide on what equipment is deemed necessary. They can also make keys if you just can’t seem to find it.

Key making

Locksmiths also have the ability to make car keys. All you need to do in order to get a key made is providing all the identifying information about your vehicle including year, make and model and any specifications that would differentiate it from cars of the same make. This information will aid the technician in making the key that is tailored specifically for your vehicle. They will make the key and then deliver it to wherever your vehicle is disabled. They have mastered making any kind of key there is, meaning they are not limited to traditional keys, they can make electronic keys as well.

Difference between us and other towing companies

We are always available and ready to do the best job around. Skilled in towing, unlocking car doors and trunks, and we can also tow your vehicle without keys!

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